Blender+GMOD Questions: What is the Fastest way to edit ONE bone on 1000+ SMD animations?

Besides doing 50-100 a day, I need to remove the location of a certain arm bone on the Male and Female player and NPC animations to make “Perfected” skeletons. Since I cannot figure out the proportions method (Been lost and confused at it since I can’t get a 100% explained step-by-step tutorial for it on Blender) I’ve decided I’ll just re-make all the animations without the agitating arm stretching on all the player models.

Any suggestions on how to mass edit them, or am I doomed to 1 at a time?


I’m pretty sure you can change the bone in one SMD, export it as a new SMD, and open the new SMD in a text editor like Notepad++. Find the bone you changed in the new SMD and copy it’s code.
If you press ctrl + F and select the “replace” tab, you can choose what phrase you want to replace and what phrase you want to replace it with. Put your new SMD’s bone code into the “replace with” section, and copy the code for the unedited bone in another one of your SMD’s. Then press “Replace All in All opened documents”, for which I suggest you open up a max of 50 SMD’s at a time to edit, then you press “Save all” and done.

I will test this, thank you.