Blender help

So I’m trying to pick up 3d modelling to help out a friend, and have been going through this blender tutorial book thing.

Problem is, when I got to the end of that page, my guy turned out like this:

Nothing I could find brings up this problem so I was wondering if you people might know what went horribly wrong?

Theres a dedicated thread for Blender:

Just seems to have slipped down a few pages.

So if theres anything that may help, its more than likely there… somewhere.

Oh god that thread is horrifyingly huge. Look, I don’t aim to make a mega thread out of this, I just need a question answered…

Took me a while, but I think I managed to reproduce the problem. You may have accidentally hit the extrude hotkey after making the mesh, with everything selected. That produced similar results on my test.

You should also double-check all the settings on the subsurf modifier, make sure it all matches up with the tutorial.

Huzzah! It works now! Thanks a lot.