Blender - How to scale

This question has probably been asked 1000 times but I’ve done some searching and still don’t understand.

In blender, how do you know how big to make something? Is there references for sizes like you have for hammer etc. Can you import a player model as a reference?

make it as big as you like - scale afterwards

Oh right, so just make it as big as you want in Blender? So a table that’s say 10 units high, or one that’s 100 units high is just as good?

blender units are basicly exported directly to source units. so you could count in hammer units aka inches. for some games like tf2 for example the scale can be slightly off tho. i exported some weird sizes already. i think i read the whole game scales roughly 16/12. means 1.333 larger.

or you really just gotta import a simple model for size reference.

So, and sorry if this is simple stuff but I only start modelling yesterday - I have to learn because I wanna stop having to use pre-existing models :slight_smile:

In the ‘Scale’ part of the Transform properties - what is 1 unit, I would assume 1.000 is one unit but that seems very big, is 0.1 = 1 hammer unit? Because 1.000 seems to take up a large amount of space. Or am I getting this wrong?

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If it doesn’t matter how big it is and I can scale it afterwards, then I could just make it ‘to scale’ within blender and scale it to match source after.

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you gotta look at the dimensions below the scale. this cube is 2 x 2 x 2 inches. or roughly 5 x 5 x 5 centimeters if you wanna do that. :smile:

FFS - I should have seen that. So dimensions is the size, keep scale as default for now.

keep the scale small at first, Blender can get angry if you make the models too big sometimes.

You’ll also find under the Transform properties a View tab. Under clipping set the Start to 0 (it will default to like .001 or something, I can’t remember off the top of my head). That way when you zoom in it won’t deform. If you find your model looks weird when you zoom out, set End to like 10000.

I’ve got another slightly unrelated question - I’m compiling using source tools - and I’ve made the chair.qc, chair.smd and chair_idle.smd files, I haven’t given it a texture - not sure if that’s required.

When I run it with studiomdl.exe I get:
“AppFramework : Unable to load module p4lib.dll!”

Do you know why?


Use Crowbar. The old decompilers/compilers like cannon or guidecompiler are outdated.

No, this is just a silly metric someone came up with to try and compare the way things look in source to the way things look in reality.

1 unit = 1 inch, if you make a 128^3 cube model and export it 1:1, it will appear a 128^3 cube in Source, or be the size of a normal sized room.