Blender Import Multiple .smd Rigs

At one time, I somehow managed to import multiple rigs into blender from .smd files, but I have been unable to recreate it.
Does anyone know how to properly import multiple rigs from .smd files?

What do you mean by rigs? Bones/skeletons? Just select “Make New Armature” in the Bone Append box.

I mean Armature (Bones/skeletons). Making a new Armature works defeats the purpose, I’m trying to import a pre-existing armature for some scene animating.

It won’t create a blank armature, it’ll create a new armature using the imported bones.

It should work properly, as well as better than the version 0.8.9f2 version (I haven’t done extensive testing, but I’d assume so).

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I found a work-around. You open up 2 blender windows, import the different armatures into each one. Then copy one armature to the buffer (ctrl+c) and paste it into the other Blender window. It’s a little crude, but it works.

I still don’t see why you can’t just select the option, but whatever. If it works then it works.