Blender missing textures in-game Gmod and Hammer

So I made my first model today and it’s missing textures. I made it with a picture and I don’t know why it’s missing textures. I have a vmt and vmf file and my $cdmaterials is showing the vmt location

Could you be a little more specific?

You made it with a picture. What kind of picture? How did you think you were going to add it?

I’m assuming this is for Source, yes?

I made it with a crate picture and in the blender editor it was fine but in hammer it has missing textures

The vtf and vmt are in the model section on Instagram on the same folder as the crate model

did you name the materials correctly in the .smd

Did you also actually name your Blender models Material to whatever you’re telling it to look for?

Yeah it’s called crate
$cdmaterials crate/crate

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Yes it’s crate
$cdmaterials crate/crate

post how your .vmt looks

source searchs for model textures in the models folder so your .qc should be $cdmaterials models/crate/crate or just $cdmaterials models/crate with the .vmt and .vtf in the crate folder

$basetexture crate/crate
$surfaceprop gravel

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It is in the crate folder it all is I have the .mdl already

the shader needs to be “VertexLitGeneric” not LightmappedGeneric

you have to place the .mdl in the models folder and the .vmt and .vtf in the materials/models folder

The VertexLItGEneric is probably it. I’m not at my computer rn but I have vmt and vmf in materials/models/crate as a backup

yeah vertexlitgeneric is the models shader

No it’s still the same in game and in hammer