Blender - Modelling and texturing

So, I’m now trying my hardest to make a model in Blender.

It’s a mashup between Halo 3 Spartan armor and the Recruit helmet from Halo 4. Because I don’t want to flood the Halo thread with stuff like this, I’m making my own thread so I can refer to here if I need help, which I will need a lot of.

Here’s what the model looks like right now.

All I’ve done is slap the diffuse textures on, but I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to add the normal textures, which I’ve got in .tga format, at the moment. Any help is appreciated!

Are you making this for garrysmod or another source game? If so, forget bump maps for now as they’ll only be something you can work on after your model has been compiled.

This is for Source Filmmaker.

If you’re just trying to add the helmet to the body, all you need to do is unparent it from the Halo 4 skeleton (then delete the skeleton), parent it to the Halo 3 skeleton, and then weight it to the head bone.

And how do I do all of that?

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Guess I might have to start over, because I can’t find the separate skeletons…

OK, I parented the helmet to the skeleton.

How do I go about weighing it to the head bone?

This is what it looks like right now.

An easy way to do it is to select the helmet, go into the edit mode, select all of faces, then find this panel here:

Remove anything there by using the minus sign in the panel, then click the + sign to add a new vertex group. Name it “head” (or whatever the head bone is called on the Halo 3 skeleton, I forget what it is), make sure the weight is at 1.0, and then click assign.

Followed all of that, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Did you remember to unparent the helmet from it’s original skeleton? Alt + P is how you do that.

Yeah, I clicked on Object - Clear Parent.

Oh, also click “assign” when doing the vertex groups in edit mode.

I was in edit mode when I clicked on Assign.

Nothing seems to be happening, still…

Can you pose it?


I think I’ve must’ve done something wrong.

If you pack up the files and send them to me I’ll take a look late tomorrow.

OK then.

How would you like the files sent as?

Just pack them in an archive and PM them to me.

OK. Would you prefer that I include the .smd files and the textures?

Almost done… i just need to figure out how to correct the body in SFM.

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Nevermind. I figured it out: I forgot to put the normal maps into the folder where my materials are.

All done, now. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: