Blender .obj Import Not Working

Hello, I’ve recently been trying to get brushwork out of Hammer and into Blender 2.64, to use as size references when making environment props.

I asked in the Mapping section about this, and they pointed me towards Crafty. I’ve made a a set of brushes that fit my needs in Hammer, which I’ve gotten working in Crafty’s model viewer. Then I used Crafty’s export function to get them into .obj format.

The problem comes when I try to import those .obj files to Blender. They just don’t appear. An object origin point appears, but no mesh geometry. Some objects appear in the Outliner window too, but I’m not sure if they’re relevant. (pic here from a default file, after deleting the default cube)

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Have you tried importing other .obj models? like this one

I would use Propper. It dumps out handy source SMDs you can import into Blender.

If there is no .mtl file to go along with it, it won’t import, blender needs that to know where to put all the textures

That model worked, thanks, and then I tried exporting then re-importing a similar cube myself and that worked too. My original reference model still doesn’t work, however.

There is a .mtl file for my reference model.

Thanks, I’ll try that next if I can’t get Crafty to work.

Sounds honestly like that’s just an error with Crafty’s OBJ export.