Blender or 3DS Max

Looking into doing some modelling work of my own, but I want to know one thing: Which modelling program should I use?

Blender or 3DS Max? What’s the pros and cons for each program?

depends what you wanna model. generally they are the same tho. you gotta set them up nice first ofc. they have a lot of buttons and key shortcuts. camera controls first. blender was easy. i haven’t found that in max. select, grab, extrude, knife, delete. all the standard vertex and face functions. and blender got it’s integrated uv editor. i dunno how max does it. button mashing? and so on…

you should try them both. note that blender is a lightweight when it comes to hdd space. is unrestricted and ‘open source’. and got pretty solid and rather easy (given you know howto write qcs manually) export functions for source without much ‘clutter buttons’.

I love 3DS Max because it’s a lot more intuitive to navigate and use, as well as UV mapping being easier, but Blender is free and my student license expired. It’s the next best alternative imo

Blender. It’s free, smaller and faster, and probably easier to learn.

Honestly, it’s whatever program you are most comfortable with. I suggest you try both programs first to see which one you like the most. You can get the student version of Max for free and Blender is also free as well.

I use 3ds Max, although I never concern to use Blender, I have familiar with 3ds Max at the first place. People saying that Blender is easily and free forever. 3ds Max student version is also free but there is time limit about 3 years before license is expired.

You can try both programs what do you like the most.
But note that, example if you like 3ds Max most…but you don’t have money to buy to full version of 3ds Max, unless if you get a pirate version…