Blender - porting csgo animation problem

Hello, I’m trying to port the csgo deagle into gmod. I’ve imported the model into source filmmaker and exported the inspect animation. I then imported it into blender and it appears that the rotation of the bones are in the wrong position. This is how it looks like

From what I did with the idle animation I had to rotate it into the correct position for each frame, but that idea seems tedious as hell! Considering that the inspection animation has like 100+ keyframes. Is there a way to precisely place the bones into the correct position? Or do I have to do what I did before with every frame.

Step 1: Select your skeleton
Step 2: Rotate the skeleton 90 degrees down
Step 3: Apply the rotations
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

Yes, I know that I have to rotate the bones. As what I’ve stated above “I had to rotate it into the correct position for each frame”. What I’m looking at is a much faster process of rotating the bones into the correct position, unless I have to do that for every keyframe. I appreciate your contribution though :ok:

If they all just point straight up like that add $upaxis Y to your QC

Holy fuck, all those hours I’ve spent trying to figure this out, and it all came down to one simple line of code??? How can I be so naive! Thank you good sir! I hope you have a fantastic day.