Blender: Rigging error

When I try to rig my model/mesh I get the error Boneheat: failed to find solution for 1 or more bones I have do the rig about 3 times now and I keep getting the same error

I have looked all over for a solution i have found no answers to it.

Can someone more experienced with this give me hand ?

I know how to texture the model its just rigging the model up is what i am not good at

To be honest I’m not sure a lot of people use blender here that much. Some do, but overall? Not so certain.

would anyone be able to check it or does it just take too long ?

Can you provide more information about it? When exactly does this error occur, and how are you rigging the models? Pictures would be great!

That’s the model when I build the rig up i tell it to set parent with automatic weights

You don’t want to set automatic weights with it. You should paint them on the model yourself, and did you make it? It reminds me of Digimon. :stuck_out_tongue:

i ripped it from the ps2 game legendz gekitou