[Blender] Shading problem.

This might be a typical ‘newbie’ problem I would appreciate any help possible.
I’m rigging some loose equipment props but I don’t know how to get smooth shading.
Heres a image of my shading/smoothing problem.

If I just change the Shading to ‘Smooth’ from ‘Flat’ my models textures gets pink’n’black error in-game (The textures work with ‘Flat’ shading). I guess there is something else that I need to change in order to get it working, maybe its a UV mapping problem too. (The material UV projection is set to ‘Flat’)

I have around 84 prop models with the same problem so I guess either way my mistake of forgetting to proper smooth the models is going to cost me alot of time, I just want to get them all nice and working. So please, if you think you can help or if you have the same problem reply with any information or tips you have.


Edit: Fixed it. No help needed.