Blender & Source Engine Export - Not Exporting the Animation

First off, I was told to create a new thread here by Robotboy655. He helped me nail this down to a modelling issue rather than a programming issue.

Old thread for reference if you have questions check here first:

So, I have come here asking for some assistance.

To get the questions out of the way. Please watch all the short vids that I made over the issues and the steps that I took to “fix” them.

The problem has been nailed down to a modelling issue since I am unable to see the animation that has been made in blender, but the animation sequence is being seen by the game.

This means that I am not doing something right.

I made this just now to be shorter and more concise as to what the problem is. What am I doing wrong?

Has nobody run into this issue? Have I stumped the GMOD community??