Blender Texturing Help

Recently I have been working on a Companion Cube project and when texturing on the hearts onto the circles everything when fine and it looked like this:

However the cylinders with the hearts on are not linked to the rest of the cube. When I link them they don’t look the same due to how they are mapped onto the cylinders. Ends up looking like this:

I get other assorted results too. I don’t really want to unwrap this as a single object and put the hearts on that way.

Is there anyway to join the cylinders to the cube and keep the texture mapping the same on the cylinders?

Couldn’t you just clone one cylinder with correct unwrapping to all the needed positions and then just attach it to the cube?

I’ve tried that and it works fine until I join it to the cube then it treats the mapping for the cylinder as though it were for the cube which just results in my second image.