blender to source engine?

Is it possible to make models like from Call of Duty World At War and then export them to the source engine?
Cause it’s the only 3D engine that I know how to use.

there is a step in the right direction, literally the first google result from searching for your thread title found that. please try to find the answer out on your own before you ask for things. that’s just lazy.

if you are talking about actually ripping models from call of duty and porting them to source you need to look up how to do that and facepunch doesn’t exactly specialize in it although there already is a thread on it.

What’s the max number of face and vertex for a model like that:

i don’t know the vertex/polygon limit for the source engine but i can say that that model is almost certainly over it

It’s rendered by yafaray and it’s only 100000 face or vertex. If it’s to much I dont know how to do model of quality with like 40000 vertex.

The max number of tris a model can have and will still compile is 40000, the ff_studiomdl can do slightly more but not alot. A simple way to remedy this though is to optimise the model (reduce the polys).

For Blender related issues look here:

Maybe you’ve seen this thread, but here’s a link anyways:

How many poly max for a v_model and w_model?
Can I use the same for the view and world?