Blender Viewmodel/Swep Help

I am new to modelling, and I want to make a simple swep to get started.
(You can guess what this is right?)

This model is correctly UV mapped w/ a 512*512 tga, and there are no colliding polys. All faces are pointing out. Everything is ready, and I could put it in game (I haven’t, but I have gotten a textured box ingame as a physics prop).

What I need is some help in making this into a swep. I use blender, and I have found some viewmodel tutorials, but they are confusing, and I cannot seem to make a viewmodel.

But, first things first, where are the HL2 arms and their texture? I have only found hands_reference.smd and I cannot find their texture, hands.tga

Once I get some hands, I think I can follow the tutorial pretty well, but then I get an error trying to export them together. Once I get some proper arms I will give you a better description of my problem.

If there is a better tutorial on SWEP making, I would appreciate a re-direct.

Thanks You


You need GCFScape to get the texture for the hands but you shouldn’t need it as if you put the material path:

$cdmaterials "models/weapons/v_hands"

In your qc when you compile it should find and use them quite happily in-game ^^

Thank you for the response :smiley:

So GCFScape will allow me to extract the arm model, fully rigged, in .smd format? With its texture? Sorry, I am very new to this, but I really want to get this fist SWEP out of the way, it is for a gamemode.


Also, can you use multiples of the $cdmaterials command in your qc? Like if I use a different material for my hammer than arm models, even if they are in the same viewmodel?

You can extract the MDL and other parts needed for a model which can then be decompiled to SMDs and the textures in VTF format which can be exported with VTFEdit (you can open and export the textures directly from the GCF file you don’t have to export the VTF first :stuck_out_tongue:

As many as you wish :smiley:

Thank you for putting up with me xD
I have found some hands models w/ all their extraneous model files, but how do I decompile into an SMD?


Put that in sdk/bin/ep1/bin and run it should be fairly obvious as to what to do then ^^

Also if you want to decompile something that is of the OB you will need to hex the first line of the MDL from IDST0 to IDST, but I don’t think you’ll need to for what your after.

Site says I installed it incorrectly. Should I reinstall SDK?

Ignore the damn site, listen to me sdk/bin/ep1/bin, I did say that above, not what it says (its wrong as its old). Thats where that dll is (aswell as the rest), if you get more errors referring to dlls let me know as they keep going missing for me in my sdk so its possible it may happen to you (as others have in the past).

I put it in ep1/bin, and got a dif error, moved it into sdk/bin to try, error, ran sdk, same error
I will try refreshing the sdk content, and reinstalling it into ep1/bin ;D (Thx again for the patience xD)

ok, i’m more interested in the error you got in the ep1/bin as thats an actual error.

Also np :slight_smile:

Ok, after validating file integrity, I installed in ep1/bin and received this error:

Right for that you have to go to where the gameinfo.txt of whatever game your SDK is set to (i’m assuming GMod with that error) and open it and change the “211” to “-211” and save, it should then work fine hopefully. Unfortunately you will have to do this everytime after running the game as it regenerates as new without the change.

I try that

Have you heard of Erix920’s fix?

It works when I edit gmods gameinfo :smiley:

I don’t know if it will work, but are you able to make the gameinfo.txt file read-only? Cause then you might not have to keep changing it.

Glad to hear it ^^

and yes I have heard of that (I think i’ve got it somewhere) but it’s not much use now anyway to me as I have to compile to HL2 and you don’t get the 211 error with that (at least I haven’t seen it since).

Edit: No wait i’m thinking of the fixed StudioCompiler, that “fixed” decompiler didn’t work when I tried it, just crashes.

I cannot find suitable arms. I found the HL2 suit arms, but I want some cs:s style arms. I have found some hands that look good, but cannot find their texture.(I will try compiling them and just guessing where there textures are in the qc xD)
Thx for the help so far, I will post if I run into any more.

If you haven’t got CS:S there wont be a texture for them, fortunately someone made better ones you can use ^^

I believe the material path is the same as the GMod ones, but that pack will have them in the correct place so use where it says.