Blender VS Milkshape

Which one would be easier to make models for Garry’s Mod?

Milkshape, its what I use.

Seeing as you have to pay for Milkshape after 30 days, Blender.

Are there any good tutorials for how to make models for Garry’s mod?

Is Blender free? I honestly wouldn’t know and I wanted to get headhacking some things.

Blender is free, but has a more complicated interface. Blender is also capable of more complicated process and modeling. If you have the patiance to learn it, Blender, if not, Milkshape. It’s simple, but the 30 days on it is a pain.

Just get Blender, it’ll get you further. And on the subject of tutorials, do any. Get to know the program. There are no garry’s mod specific tutorials because it’s the same as modeling to any game out there.