Blender VTA vertices problem


so yeah i am trying to re-work an existing model on the sfm lab website and im sorry if i sound dum but i am basically new at messing around with Crowbar, and Valve tools, or even modeling in general…

So first i began to replace the old ugly feets of the model with an other existing model to try, weight painted them, compile it back and launch sfm to see how it goes.
Ignoring the texture holes the new feets seems to be stretch a bit down so i checked back on blender but not seeing anything wrong with the .smd file i was working on
i loaded the .qc file and the problem seems to be coming from the “VTA vertices” branch were i can see like the phantom of the old feets made of tons of vetices dots,
and the feets rig follow too like it never changed.

Isn’t it a way the “re-bake” the VTA vertices to match the new feets ?

Feel free to throw your knowledge about the matter because i am totally lost :pudge:

PS: I apologise for my bad english

That’s not a big problem per se, if I’m correct (which I probably am not) you can just ignore it, try loading the models first and then the VTA, remember to always put the origin at the center and if you really want to fix it you should try going over every flex one by one remaking them, not necessarely having to make them yourself, you could detatch the head (I assume it’s the one with all the flexes) including all the flexes, and putting it into the new body or something, other than that I ran out of ideas and would probably quit, as I don’t know the true and very easy answer that the next guy will hopefully comment.

Its ok im still digging thx for the quick answer, i dont think i can really load something first because what i was able to do until now is import the model .qc wich is a sort of pack of all bodygroups if im not mistaken, or import individual bodygroups models .smd.

I can’t find a way to edit flexes in Blender if it is even possible, the only time i have been tempering with
those “flexes” is when i got an error of compilation in Crowbar “too many flex controllers, max 96” were i figure i could make it work by openning the .qc file in notepad++ and roughly delete somes to fit the said limite…