Blending affect in maps - how do i do them?

On a lot of maps, people blend (for instance) sand and rock and i was wondering how to do it.

I’ve been mapping for a few months, but no tutorials i’ve watched/read explained how to do it…

If people don’t know what I’m talking about, i’ll post a picture.

Thanks in advance.

Can only be done on displacements. Go into the texture browser and type blend. Be sure to rely on names of textures because some pics can be misleading.

How do i do it sorry?


Do you know how to use displacements? If not, read this:

Now change the texture of your displacement to a texture that has the word “blend” in it. Then you can use “paint alpha” to blend the two textures however you like.

Yes i know how to do displacements.

I’ve got it now, thankyou for all your help.