Blending appears different in game

So In hammer, my blending looks pretty okay, and it appears full and everything. But when I test the map in TF2, the blending is completely broken up. Its broken in a bunch of places and I have no idea why. I had cubemaps going but I hid them and saved the map to a different name to see if that was related. That didn’t fix it. Can someone tell me what’s up? I have a lot of blending in my map and it’s not something I can remove. Is this a lighting issue? What can I do to fix this because I’m very close to being done with the entire map and this is my biggest setback.

and here’s what it looks like it game

I assume you simply need to texture the displacement parts seamlessly (i.e. so they don’t have mismatching coordinates) or paint them more evenly.

The seam is very visible on both screenshots, imo.
Sew the two displacements together, it will blend the seam correctly automatically.

The problem is that your blend textures are using different blendmodulatetextures. This makes no difference in hammer because hammer doesn’t display blendmodulatetextures, but in-game they are taken into account and the seam appears.

(if they are the same texture the texture scale is probably different - make sure the textures are the same scale and manually align them.)

The block on the left was 1.5 and the one on the right was 1, I made sure both were equal and that made it look a lot better. But this still does not fix my issue where the blending looks bigger and just…bad in game in those same spots. The blending to be equal to the block its next to thing doesn’t apply to the rest of my problem spots since they are small blocks all on their own not trying to blend into another block.

So Here is what I don’t get tho. I have displacements that are one block by themselves and are like this. Each row is one area. Left in hammer, right in game. (don’t worry I have props in games that make things look more natural)

The island is one block, the sand with the small green grass patch is one block. These are small blocks by themselves,not trying to be blended into another block.(Sorry for repeating myself I just want to make sure there is no confusion)

I’m not sure if I quite understand. If you want your blends to look exactly like they do in hammer you have to edit the blend texture files (make your own) and remove “$blendmodulatetexture”.

Its called a $blendmodulate

Its to break up the even transition. Valve use this a lot in Team Fortress. Only way to get rid of it is to take it out of the material files.

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So I opened vtfedit and deleted the $blendmodulate this is what it looks like now

“$basetexture” “egypt\sand_floor_05”
“$basetexture2” “egypt/grass_07”
“$surfaceprop” “sand”
“$surfaceprop2” “grass”

It still looks the same and does not look like the hammer version which is what I want because this ingame version is really ugly. I am really desperate for help. I wanted the map up by 4th of july and I have no idea how to fix this since I have never had blending look like this.


I did this
] sv_cheats 1
] mat_reloadallmaterials
Error in .VMT file: error parsing vector element “$color” in “$color”
Redownloading all lightmaps

It didn’t work but not sure if error is related.

Isn’t this the result of the pyro vision goggles in tf2 that when wearing them will change many of the in-game textures automatically to pyroland textures? If your class is wearing them, try taking them off.