Blending pre-made textures.

I am trying to blend these two textures:




…But it has been a while since i have mapped and i cant get them to work, here is my .vmt:

    "$basetexture" "nature/short_red_grass"
    "$basetexture2" "nature/snowfloor002a"
    "$surfaceprop" "ground"
    "%tooltexture" "nature/short_red_grass"
    "%detailtype" "grass01"

The textures arent showing up, i know i forgot something but cant remember what…

Thanks in advance.

You don’t have a surface prop for the second texture.

Here’s an example that should work:

	"$baseTexture2"    "TEXTURE1"
	"$bumpmap2"       "TEXTURE1_normal"

	"$baseTexture"      "TEXTURE2"
	"$bumpmap"        "TEXTURE2_normal"

	"$surfaceprop"       "GENERIC"

I see but my problem are the paths of the textures, they are coming out pink/black.

The nature folder has to be in materials.

The base texture location is always relative to the materials folder - if it’s in the materials folder, you need not specify the folder, if it’s in materials/nature, you need to specify the nature folder.

Also, add a $surfaceprop2.

Hmm try youtube, or google.