Bless Online - Fantasy Dolphin

Fantasy Dolphin from Bless (Beta)


• Skingroup for different Colors & wet shader each
• Eyes posable via Finger Poser - First Joint of the Pinky Finger
• Custom Rig



Original Model by “Neowiz Games”

It’s a freakin dolphin, what more could you ask for?


Nice, hope more stuff will be ported from Bless Online, there are some amazing creature models in that mmo.

What, no Giant megalodon in the background, as a shadow? I am disappoint.

Dolphin punch

Cool Dolphin!

Just because usaokay hasn’t found this thread yet:

rev up those sex-poses!

More seriously, we now need a SFM recreation of “So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish” from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

great as always

A dolphin, nice ragdoll, i am a fish in the ocean…

laser dolphin