Bliblix compilation of shits and awesomeness.

Oh hai, since everybody’s doing one, let’s make a compilation of… in my opinion, my best work !

From oldest to newest

Taking the shot

Too many of 'em !

Project Reality

They’re here

Last dance before the death

Waiting for the end

Splinter Cell


Eagles fly, Black Hawks fall

No one left behind

Gore Fortress 2


First First Person poses

Sniper !” (flatgrass)

Pinned down !” (flatgrass)

PS : for “Sniper” and “Pinned Down”, paddymaz made an awesome editing, unfortunatly, the pics are no longer available. Dude, if you’re looking at this thread, post them again please !


What the hell is going on ?

All aboard the ennemy ship!

Man getting shot in the stomach

Killing combines while listening music

Tomorrow’s World

I shouldn’t have listened to those bikers

Protecting the documents

Tribute to Mirror’s Edge

This world is mine

Balade Champêtre

America’s Army Promo

Wait… wasn’t he dead a few seconds ago ?

They told me they’d let me go

Company of TF2

Infiltrating a skycraper


In the darkness of combat, brightness may makes you blind



Badass spy.

4 Badass guys being overhelmed.

US Troops moving in a building.

Wagons chase

Heavy’s birthday present.

The red team start their days. no editing

The Scout.


Guy being shot at in a snowy forest

Groupe 2 en position.

Virtua French Army.

A girl thinking. (paradox)

French troops moving on a street.

Click for fullscreen](

There’s 2 fucking zombies in my living room!

A plane crashing

Headshotted posing and edit by resistance, i just did the blood

Escape from hell

3 Soviets lost in a German city.” *In Game edit

3 Royal Commandos sneaking behind a German” *In Game edit

3 American soldiers lost in a German city.” *In Game edit

That’s all for now, not a lot of picture, i know, i made ton of other things, but since they’re utter crap, i won’t post 'em. :v:
Special thanks to :
Ehanced_AI (this guy is one of my best cards)
Karimatrix (“Why some specnaz again ? I KILL YOU !”)
resistance77 (GIMP Bastard)
… all the other guys i forgot and helped me improving.


Nice pics, thanks for calling me a GIMP bastard :smiley:

Did you download the Photoshop trial i gave you ?


Awesome, don’t have a favourite.

Love them all

You like zombehz. But I love them all as well. The posing editing, fantastico :smiley:

Added : D-Day - 10/05/2009

epic stuff

Great job. I love the ‘Inflirating a skyscraper’!

Why are there Airborne soldiers on the beaches of Normandy?

God like poses too btw.

Who care ? They’re badass. :v:

Nice pictures you have thar…

Yay, not looking bad…as said…
Garryfr powAa.

Only thing wrong with the D-day one, is they’re airborne. But as you said. Who cares? They’re badass :v:

Whoah great job.Some of them are only good but…
Can you tell me where did you downloaded that guy with stripped t-shirts?
This one

Wow those are really nice!

Where’d you get those models in the “Infiltrating a Skyscraper” picture?

All pictures are good but the 101st airborne at d-day on the beach!

That’s from Mentality, a mod.

They’re from Neotokyo.

Thanks everyone, now i wait for SilverHammer to add me on the museum. <3

It’s strange, I can remember all of your pictures.

I mean, they all seem familiar :smiley: