Bliblix's Personal Model

[release]Hey guys, this is my personal skin! I hesitated before releasing it here, but after all, you might be interested by a casual guy.

Dean (Henry Townshend) - Porting from GTA IV, hacking, rigging (prutty badly tho :v: )
Bliblix (headshotter) - texturing, rigging (mostly fixing).[/ul]

Includes Dynamic Shadows, normal maps and nice looking textures.


Have fun with it.

Damn. Pretty good.

Hot stuff.

Wow the rigging is shit whoever made it is a fucking dumbass.

The clothes look pretty cool

I have to admit that the rigging is fucking horrible, I don’t even know why I tried fixing it, it’s just so fucked up. :v:

what map is that in the background?

It’s funny cause that’s the guy who made it.

You ruined it.

It’s funny cause

cool stuff

You obviously didn’t take a look at the credits.

You obviously edited it.


I obviously know that he made it, he kind of gave it to me by request. :v:

Nope i’m pretty sure it’s been that way

well I guess that’s that