Blights of The Modern FPS - A Comedic Documentary

Hello kids! I’m Taggart, your friendly neighbourhood poser and model hacker, and I’m here today to inform you of the BLIGHTS OF THE MODERN FPS! Have you ever played a game like, for example, Modern Warfare 2, and found the gameplay, physics, even players absolutely fucking ridiculous?


In this very thread, I, Taggart, will guide you through some of the most RIDICULOUS things that you will EVER see in a Modern FPS! Enjoy the ride, because I sure will!

First off, let’s start with the biggest cock-knocking class/equipable weapon system! That’s right kids, it’s SNIPERS!

#1 - Impossible and Sudden Appearances of Friendly Troops after a Scripted Sniping Section

#2 - Sniper Rifles, Small rounds and “Critical Hits” (aka This Bullet Does Not Do That!?)

#3 - Quickscope, Noscope? Part 1

Stay tuned for more education goodness kids! And remember, Pre-Dinner Snacks - They’re GOOD FOR YOU!


Quickscope, Noscope? Part 1 is brought to you by WOMBOSSI DIAMOND EXPORTS Incorporated. They’re not stealing OUR Diamonds!

ive killed plenty of my team-mates because of them sprinting past my scope at an umpalpable pace. my reflexes always have me shooting as soon as anyone passes the scope.

which has pissed me off constantly

and no-scopers are assholes

Uh, none of those comics are about that.

its funny anyway.

Well shit, I’d read it.

I can’t wait for more, these are quite funny and well made!

Today’s Bonus is brought to you by Monday Knife Combat. Stay Sharp!

The funny part is that the dude with Commando will win.

Today’s (other) bonus is brought to you by Ilwrath’s Combat Equines. Because our horses are cool.

And make great targets.

Oh shit! The new models come with SAWs? I got the model from a couple years ago with the M60.

I am saddened to announce you your old model’s battery just ran out.

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It will be recycled in my stomach.'s_Combat_Equines.jpg

Where are the brown bloom and scripts?

this comes in a later installment

This is pure fucking win.

i am no scope erry dayyyyyy

and the dolphin diving. don’t forget the dolphin diving