Blind ammo


I was wondering if it would be possible to have blind ammo. It so happend to me, that I found a “friend”, gave him gun and he shot me. With blind ammo, it would be possible to “test” his loyality.


protip: Don’t give strangers guns

That only encourages playing as a lone wolf, killing everyone on sight. Nothing I like…

then your really in the wrong game…
devs have stated they have no interest in preventing player killing, figure it out on your own rather than asking for devs to give you easy mode

What if they are legit, and run into a bandit? The blind ammo would get them killed and you would look like a massive asshole.

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Also, I play as lone-wolf kill on site most of the time, you just never know what loot people are carrying, naked or not, it is how you progress at least in this stage of the game.

Meh, idea’s not worth it.

  • Give gun with blank ammo to stranger
  • Stranger unloads gun, reloads
  • Stranger kills you.

Granted, that does give you a small window of a head’s up since they’ll reload but in a survival game, making blanks is a waste with far too little benefit.

No idea why but this thread made me wish there were Flash Bangs, Flare + Metal Fragments, or maybe something easy like the useless animal fat/cloth?

Dang those air drop only smoke bombs.

In Face of Mankind they had rubber bullets that would stun people for a few seconds. It was really only used by the player cops to stop suspect players and check them for warrants. I can see this being useful but more likely just an annoyance that can be spammed to ruin people’s experience.

The less control players have over player interaction the better imo, that way you must be on your toes at all times instead of relying on methods to deny other players control of their character.

not giving strangers guns encourages lone-wolfing?
that’s pretty stupid, just be more discriminating with who you give guns to, play with them for 10 mins before you give them a gun, would you really walk up to some naked guy you havent met and say “hey, here’s a gun?”
get real

So far i have gotten three pistols (all with ammo) pretty much just by walking up to guys, saying hi.

why do so many people say animal fat/cloth is useless. its imperative for making more explosive charges :confused: