Blind fire with a lazer gun.

Well it sucks…

comment and all that shit.

lens flare ruins it

Random-light-so-you-can-add-rimlighting much?

Laser’s pretty good, but the blood could use a lot of work (it’s too bright, and needs motion blur to make it look less like you just scribbled with the paint tool.

And seriously wtf is up with that light?


Whoa just noticed some major skeletal errors on the ducking guy’s shoulder (prop posing I assume?)

Like with the zombies, the random light killed the pic. The other effects look nice, and the pose too!

Hairy I think the white outline, whatever the term is, is alittle too thick. I’ve noticed it in some of your recent pictures and it looks alittle too thick, makes it look like its cut and pasted.
Besides that, the picture is pretty cool, though lens flare is kinda oddly put. Either way have a paint plate thingy. Nice use of Turok soldiers and nice lazer guns, where did you get them.

Yeah I think I should lay off the rim light for a while, I’ve been ruining all my latest pics with rim light :v:
Thanks for the crits tho guys.
ps: I’m not the guy who rated you dumb… Just wanted to say it cuz it looks like it could be me

Yay, random lensflare and unreal rimlight… do not STROKE IT! …rim light it :slight_smile:

Your rimlight is to hard… It looks more like a hard egded brush outline… It needs to be softer.

I think if the rim lightning would be smoother the picture would be great!

The rim lightning ruins it.

I didn’t stroke it, I used the dodge tool :c

I think the rim-lighting needs more glow… or to be taken out of the picture entirely. Laser wound is pretty cool, although the blood might be a tad too bright considering how dark the rest of his back is.

Damn they’re close to each other.

Yeah the dude getting shot was rushing him… Wow this picture is a complete failure D:

Inspired by District 9?

It would need more exploding dude if it was.

Actually yes :v:

This picture isn’t complete failure. Only some

Your rim lighting isn’t soft enough.

he’s firin his lazor…
had to say it