"Blind Rage" Charger running at ellis while the horde is asissting him



Tone down the blur.

I like it. What’s with all the haters with the dumb ratings? This is 200% better than most of the shit posted here.

You obviously missed the discussion about brown.

I agree, don’t get it. It’s brown, fucking deal with it.

its good, blur maybe abit strong in areas, but still really good, lighting is nice.

If you rate dumb, be man enough to send me a Hate-PM or post in this thread you fucking rating whores.


Also thanks for all your encouraging comments! :buddy:

Besides a few things posing wise, like maybe turning the chargers head forward, and having more infected getting smashed outta the way, the lighting and blurring is all pretty damn sweet imo.

Despite a little too much blur, I like it.
No clue where all this hate has come from.
The screenshots section used to be such a nice place. :saddowns:

Blur is way to strong and it’s pretty damn brown

I gave you an arty anyways despite the fact that I hate you and because you put some effort into this.

lol people are actually hating on brown?
It’s good when used right, jesus get over your idiocy!

Gm_construct can be damn good when used right too, stop bandwagoning. I’ll let you guys hate brown when it is poorly used, however that is not the case in this picture!


dah colorsssssssssss

Who gives a shit if its brown.

I like that brown. As i see the charger’s fapping arm is very sharp and the fellow downsters seem to stand around instead of charging at ellis who also has a nice radial blurr on him. Also because i am a perfectionist the zombie with military wear has his head at a very nice rotation but it should be leftwards.

Very dark atmosphere in that pic… -.-


Do you even know WHY you hate brown?
Cuz I have a suspicion you and many many others are just bandwagoning the hate

Stop this idiotic conversation right now.
Ehanced_AI is just trolling like Butthurter,DemonicLemon and CO. now. Do not bring this argument here.

I hate brown because it just doesn’t fit at all with this picture

yeah, Brown CAN fit with a picture but this is a case where it just doesn’t.

I actually don’t care on this one since it would work brown or not.

Why doesn’t it fit? Can you elaborate?

Sorry combine, this is gonna be my last post. Im just curios to know.