Blink Gamemode

Not sure if it’s been done already, nothing’s come up on google and the search here doesn’t seem to want to work.

Should be pretty simple to make, and I really would like to play it, but I haven’t played GMod in a long time, and haven’t coded any LUA in longer.

Based off the Dr Who episode Blink (and subsequent episodes with the angels)

Would be best ran off modified COOP maps, but could also work as timed death match, Left 4 dead maps or anything with a set goal for one team.

Two teams (Human vs Angel)

Humans have limited numbers (maybe four or five players) and don’t really need any weapons other than crowbar/gravity gun. Maybe a SMG in case you come across NPCs, or a few SLAMs for tactics. Grenades can be given out later on as a way of attacking back.

Angels (stone textured fast zombie model?) have instant-kill melee weapons (possibly Spy’s Butterfly Knife but only firing in backstab range as an obvious cue for new players) and any movement abilities you care to code in (personally I’d give them scout speed and double jump)

If an Angel is looked at by a Human, they freeze in place, unable to attack or turn, but have God mode enabled so cannot be hurt. They unfreeze when no longer looked at, but move very slowly and cannot jump for 3 seconds after unfreezing.

As a possible extra for Angels; Secondary fire locks you in place as if seen by a human, putting you in an obvious pose (any animation where they cover their face, but even the T pose could work) but not making you invincible. If you are looked at by a human you’ll still be invincible, and cannot leave this pose whilst seen, but you don’t suffer the 3 second de-buff when they turn away (this only works if you were holding right click down when looked at)

So yeah; Anyone recon it’d be worth doing?

Bumping this because I love Blink.

Thinking about it