Blissful Utopia,

1080p version[/thumb]

Alternate night version (Forgot to zoom camera in)

Started playing around on Gm_Black, came out with this scenebuild. Turned out exactly how I wanted which never happens, haha.

Any comments or criticism? Love to hear what you guys have to say!

I’d say it turned out really well, the vines add a nice touch.

That’d make an excellent desktop screen, or even a loading screen :slight_smile:

Hello new desktop

What kind of drugs do you take when you make scenebuilds, I want some.

the fog would look better if it was more yellowish or orange

pretty though

can you upload some tips about using fog, sky or sun controller?
It is too strong light of this map for me

LIFE is my drug! And Acid… That too… Haha,

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Yeah, I was originally going to make the fog orange but it made everything blend in too much. Though, the sun would make dark shadows since its behind mountains and tree’s etc. But I know what you mean.

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All I can really say is play around with it. Make the colour of the sky darker colours, it makes a huge difference when experimenting. Also, the DUSK setting can be minimized if its too bright. But honestly, just experiment with it, there’s no real right or wrong way of doing it.

Goddamn, this is incredible. It makes me think that i’m not that good at scenebuilding anymore.

stop lying to yourself

Can we see how it looks zoomed out?

Sure can! It looks pretty retarded away from the camera, haha. But this is what it looks like behind the scenes.

This pic makes me miss scene builds. Amazing work.

If you miss making scenebuilds, make some scenebuilds! Haha. Really shows ones imagination; creating a scene out of nothing but props.