Block Entity Spawning For Admins?

Hello, I have an issue on my server… admins can spawn entities, therefore they can spawn ammunition… How would I make it so that ONLY superadmins can spawn things?


admin addon: ULX
gamemode: DarkRP
ranks (lowest to highest): user, VIP, EVIP(mod), admin, superadmin
any other necessary details? Let me know :slight_smile:

I love all your details, such as the admin mod you are using.

Sorry I’m new to facepunch… I use ULX…

You could just script it. It wouldn’t be very hard to do.

Alternatively I think theres a addon called ulimit or something that can do what you require.

I’m not exactly the best at lua script… Would anyone be able to provide such scripts, and indicate the location I should place it?

type xgui in console

tab to groups then dropdown to admin and press group permissions button

find and uncheck command “ulx ent” from admin group

It’s already unchecked… HAX??? Lol… But I don’t think it has to do with that :confused:

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ulx ent is already unchecked… Before I went to do that.

do they also have rcon pass? they could spawn things with that too

uhh I don’t believe they have access to anything under the rcon section.