Block impulse 201?

Is there any way to block impulse 201 from players through LUA?

Impulse 201 drops your current weapon.

If you do bind “g” “impulse 201” it works, however just typing impulse 201 in console does nothing.

Any ideas?

There was a post about this a month or so ago, it turned out that there was an addon that the user had which added this feature to the game-mode. By default, impulse 201 doesn’t drop a weapon, it needs to have been coded that way.

What addons are you running? What game-mode are you running?

Many, many addons. I’ll post back with which one it was.

If it’s still a problem after removing your addons, this is what you need:

function GM:PlayerBindPress(ply, bind, pressed)
	if string.find(bind, "impulse 201") then return true end