Block Light Brushes

I can’t seem to get any brushes with the block light texture working. What properties do they need to have? The ones I’m currently using are func_detail entities, so as to not create loads of splitting when I compile. Does it have to be a normal brush or func_brush or something?

Here’s a pic of one of the brushes (I have about six, all the same shape):

Needs to not be tied to an entity I believe. Looks like you’re either carving or clipping like an idiot there too.
You could make that whole thing out of 4 brushes.

I count 5 but meh. In this particular scenario as long as it’s clip and not carve after vbsp does it’s thang it doesn’t particularly matter, but it looks like it has a whiff of carve, maybe some microbrushes or something going on there.

Whole thing was clipped. I may have just missed a few microbrushes when deleting excess.

Why not just use a model for the treecard and use that vrad command that forces ray traces to hit the alpha maps of the texture.

I believe that’s -StaticPropPolys or something.

Make it a normal brush, there’s no need to make it func_detail, block light textures does NOT cut up visleafs.

They’re also deleted after compile I think.