Block Lua hacks

Hello, I am trying to disable all client side lua in my server but some how they are able to use their lua hacks even with “sv_allowcslua 0”. My autoexec.cfg is

sv_allowcslua 0
sv_kickerrornum 0
lua_run_cl 0
lua_openscript_cl 0
sv_scriptenforcer 1

Do you have any other suggestions on how to block lua scripts?

lua_run_cl 0 --runs lua 0 on the client (doesn't work because you are on the server)
lua_openscript_cl 0 --tries to open the script called 0 on the client (same as above)
sv_scriptenforcer 1 -- no longer exists

These three do nothing. You’re best bet is to find or write you own anti-cheat. You could try QAC even though it has a public bypass.

I was using this but that scripts conflicts with the NLR Bubble script. I’ll try to work on a fix I guess.

could’ve posted the conflict and I would’ve fixed it

I contacted you a month or 2 ago about it and you said you no longer supported it.

post on the thread. when someone pms me directly I feel like it’s not really worth looking into. Sorry tho

Anyone can force sv_allowcslua to 1 if you don’t have a basic anti-cheat to check for it.