Block server commands [Exploits]

Hi, I have an exploit on the server, with which the player is given superadmin, I can not find the location of the exploit and I want to block the command from using, or even better to give out a ban, help please.
Commands: mkaaa (or mka, mkaa), 1337

Replace “ConCommand Name” with the command people are using then run the code, it will tell you where the command is created if it exists.

local command = concommand.GetTable()
command = command["ConCommand Name"]

print(debug.getinfo(command, "S").source)

can i run this by console command?


If you know the console command of the exploit, why not extract all the addons you have(or gamemode) and do a CTRL+F search using notepad++ on the entire gmod folder for that console command.? You will easily be able to identify the source and warn other people.

How can I view all these files using СTRL + F, if I haven’t forgotten, the combination of these keys can only be used in one file, and this will take a long time.

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Oh, i found. Thanks!

If you find the exploit, it might be a nice idea to post a link to the addon or script here so that it can be taken down?

Useful tool for searching a large amount of files:

First ensure all of your gma’s are extracted with gmad then run grepwin. Select your servers folder and then search for mkaaa and it will tell you where it occurs in each file.