Block Shadows

I noticed on my map that all of the shadows casted by walls and objects have blocky edges, how do i fix this?

Decrease the lightmap scale on those surfaces that your want to have nicer (more accurate) shadows projected upon from other world geometry.

Change the lightmap scale. Also, change your 3d view to the 3d lightmap grid while doing this so that you get a rough idea. It will increase the map filesize though.

thanks for the help guys

oh shoot, how do you change the lightmap scale?

If the shadow is being cast on multiple textures, make sure to aligned the textures with eachother. Secondly, before you run the compiler add the command “-final” in the additional game parameters box. This will allow the compiler to fire more rays to achieve better lighting. If you can’t seem to solve this problem with either of those, you can sharpen the lightmaps. Select the faces that have blocky shadows and in the texture tool dialogue box, decrease the lightmap value from it’s default 16 to something around 14 or 12. Be aware though that this increases compile times, map size, and video memory usage, use it only when you have to.

okay big thanks to hostel

Best to keep lightmap scales in powers of 2 to be most optimal.

Didn’t know that had any real effect, thanks.

It’s mainly to do with memory allocation.

Be aware that lowering lightmap scales can add huge amounts to your maps filesize.

and to your compile times.

It doesn’t matter unless you have a P4 and your userbase consists of people with 10GB HDD’s.
You might want to keep the lightmap scale at a lower quality for most test compiles though.

In a large map if you made a lot of low lightmaps your map could easily run over 1 GB. Obviously for the majority of people if the map was good this wouldn’t be a problem, but then, finding a place to upload a 1GB file can be tricky, aswell as the fact that it’ll take a long time to download.

If you are a good mapper, then you would optimise your lightmaps anyway.

Just a quick tip: on faces that will be fully lit or not visible (either outside of a player’s view or nodraw,) change the lightmap scale to 1024. This will drastically reduce compile times caused by low lightmaps and will keep your map reasonable in terms of size.

I do optimize mine. :v: Everytime you reply to one of my posts like that you misread my implication. D:

I quoted “The Pro” for a reason…

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