Block specific gmod_tool, tools from non admins.

Hi I’m running nexus roleplay gamemode, using Orion.
I was wondering if there’s a way to either block all tools for normal users then whitelist some, or block those tools you don’t want the public to have access to. For example dynamte tool, which is quite fail on a RP server. Etc.

If there’s a way to do this without using ULX or whatever since I’ve never used it, and rather not use as well.

Tried google, it didn’t give me any usefull hits.

Thanks in advance.

You could try assmod. Well it’s not ulx, is it?

So I have to use a addon to make this work? Alright I’ll give both a try. Just that my server doesn’t like addons. To many of them and it crash.

Remove the ones you don’t need, and clean the cache/dua folder from the server.