Block View in 3D Skybox?

So, I have my level, right?

The level has multiple layers.

There is one level on top of another, right? Each has it’s respective skybox + 3D skybox (with the right positioning), however, I’m getting one issue.

When I’m on the bottom level, I can see the skybox for the top part of the level. Is there some way to “block” the skybox view so that it can’t render the other part of the 3D skybox unless it’s within it’s view? Even the void nor a block prevents this.

No, the 3D Skybox doesn’t do visibility, everything inside of it is rendered.
If it’s a singleplayer map, you might be able to tie it to an entity to disable or enable the brushes when you leave/enter an area.
Also, For small questions like this, please use the Megathread.

It’s a multiplayer map, unfortunately.

Is there any way I could possibly create a second 3D skybox, or maybe a way to make some sort of BLOCK in the 3D skybox – for example, something with a custom material that renders the 2D skybox in a way that you wouldn’t see the 3D skybox behind it.

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Maybe there is a way I can utilize fog so it doesn’t render something that goes so far up?