Block windows and doors. Find weapons and wait for 'em.

Very nice. Bed looks awesome though. Have a pallette.

Holy shit, the atmosphere doesnt look like source at all.
Nice work there.

Simple and effective. Great atmosphere and lighting.

This looks pretty cool. I like it!


Honestly, there isn’t anything wrong with this.

Nicely done. :smiley:

did i hear that in Night of the Living Dead (1990)?

Wow amazing work!

very artistic

I didn’t even see it…

Holy fuck, that looks awesome. Have an artistic.


if you like zombies,then you missed something big here
i recommend you both Night of the Living Dead versions (the 1968 and 1990)
they are both great movies

Looks fantastic

Its simple and I like it.

Oh, is this the movie where they are in a mall?