Blocked COmmands...

[lua]function AntiCheat(ply, cmd, args)
game.ConsoleCommand(“ulx ban “…ply:Name()…” 0 [ZAC] Hack Detected”)
concommand.Add("+aa", AntiCheat)[/lua]

I have it in lua/autorun/server and it dosent work… Any help? Its extremely simple.

The command +aa in the aimbot AutoAim is clientside so it’s never sent to the server.

In console when they type +aa I want it to ban them. So it reads it as a Server command as well.

My guess is the client adds their concommand after the server, which overrides your concommand.

I dont even have the hack and it dosent ban me

Try this:
BadCommands = {

function BanMeImHacking(ply, cmd, args)
–print(“Got OWNED”)
game.ConsoleCommand(“ulx ban “…ply:Name()…” 0 “’[ZAC] Hack Detected’””)

for k,v in ipairs(BadCommands) do
concommand.Add(v, BanMeImHacking)

Not sure about the:
[lua]game.ConsoleCommand(“ulx ban “…ply:Name()…” 0 “’[ZAC] Hack Detected’””)[/lua]

But else I think this should work :slight_smile: