Blocking a console command through client's side WITHOUT injecting LUA

Hey guys I was curious if it was possible to somehow block a console command from running like “say Hi there!”. Although this can be easily achieved by injecting some sort of script, I do not want to do that. I was hoping there was another way to do so without doing it ‘illegally’.

-Thanks for reading

What do you mean by ‘injecting’ scripts? You mean ‘running’ scripts clientside? You know pretty much every addon in the gmod workshop does that, right? It’s not illegal at all…

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Also, some servers force the client to download scripts and run them- that’s not illegal and it happens on pretty much every server ever, and the script doesn’t run after the client has left the server so it’s perfectly fine

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Honestly the easiest way to block a console command like that would be through scripts, and you can’t really do anything else without having to ‘inject’

Try using the ‘alias’ command.