Blocking Advanced Dupe Props

So, i’ve got a slight problem that I can’t work my head around…

Is there a way for me to block props from being spawned in advanced dupe? I.E : I’d like to stop people from advanced duping E2, or other things like that onto our server.
Any ideas?

Remove Adv. Dupe?

I’d like to keep it, so players can still keep their builds, although I may end up doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove E2 and anything else players shouldn’t be spawning completely?

How should I go about removing it, though?

I’m using the workshop file, I could unpack it and edit then reupload, but I thought there was some steam rule saying you can’t do that.

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Nevermind - after tinkering with the adv dupe I was able to blacklist E2