blocking console commands

How would i or what addon do i need to use if i wanted to block some console commands on my server?

What kind of commands are you trying to block? ScriptEnforcer would catch many client-side commands.

they are are perp commands people can use to cheat

If they are commands made by perp then you need to add checks on the commands if not then we need more info

so what do you need me to do?

Tell us the commands firstly and tell us how they let people cheat

ok so these command the first 2 with the db_ in it are used with the perp drug dealer people input the command and in front of it a number and then they get the money

the last command is used with the casino to give people money so how do i block them


Post the source for the commands

You’ll find great difficulty maintaining a PERP Server if you can’t fix those yourself.

where would i find this just use notepad++ and search the gamemode files?

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this will take a few min because im getting a GMR working

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one issue is with the one code for the casing money cheat i commented out the code but now the casino doesn’t work, but thats not major, the drug dealer is major and if that doesn’t work people will be very angry (just telling you)

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ok found the files the code is in do you just want to code snippet or the while files?

Remove concommand.Add(“perp_bd_w”, SomeFunc) Remove all of that line and the same with the other 3.

Not another idiot that knows nothing posting on this section when they have no idea what they are talking about

have fun when this screws up everything…
Just join my perp server :slight_smile: