Blocking door "exploit"

Ok so two kids had their fun… They placed a shelter in front of my house so it glitch my door. I can’t break it since I dont have c4. I mean come on…?

Attaching a picture so you can laugh too.


You can melee the shelter.

you can break a shelter with melee. It just takes time. now if they put down a foundation and put up walls and a ceiling then youd have to wait for decay or c4.

Thats what ramps are for btw. to give you space.

You can break down the shelter with a hatchet… yes it’s still annoying, but it’s better than just giving up xD

you have an axe break it

You can break it with melee but it’s will take time
Also, the one who said that ramps can get you space, it’s not so good it can be break too
And the one on top of me, it’s shelter not barricade

it’s under developing wait a little
“House ‘ownership’ so you can easily destroy misplaced objects”

Had this happen to me once; ramps… they also stop people boxing you in properly with foundations and walls

it goes faster with a pick axe!

well trolled boys, well trolled

part of me wants to force you to actually be creative on your own but, you know how you can build pillars in the middle of the foundation? (probably not) well you can off set walls too ie a 1x1 dead center of a 2x2 foundation, this prevents some of the simpler trolling attempts to seal you in.

mind you i like to leave small spike walls all over the inside after ive looted what i want lol

What where their names?

Call for an admin to “Uber Hatchet” it down

The admin on my server has actually banned this behavior, if anyone does it they are banned instantly and permanently

Well I stood and hit this shit for literally 5 minutes. The people on the server even told me you cant break shelter walls, only door. Im failry new to the game so I didnt know that I could hit it for yet another 5 min to get out. LOL

a door is 500 hp a shelter 1000 hp so it takes near 10min to chop it down