Blocking Doors Glitch?

So I just got done watching summit1g’s stream,(A big streamer that plays rust)and one of the players just blocked up all his doors with a wall or something to his house so he couldn’t get into his house anymore unless he died.Doing this can really effect the game. I’m thinking that you should not be allowed to build next to doors unless you destroy the door or your the owner of the door.

The player that used some glitch to build is named stalker, he build walls where you normally not be able to build and blocked the house for at least 3 players. That kind of glitching should be bannable.

It’s alpha, or more pre-alpha, if anything we should thank the man for breaking the game and the proper bug/exploit reporting be put in.

If you find a glitch you should report it not use it.

Yes, that was attributed to me but was in fact put in place by another player I worked with. All structures were legitimately placed without using any glitches. The two main entrances to the tower we walled in by placing pillars, walls and ceilings. Summit and his crew’s mistake was building the ramp to their entrances on a foundation. This made it possible for us to easily place the pillars and all the other parts. Same thing goes for the shack outside the tower. No walls were placed inside doorways, I don’t know where Summit got that idea.

Before all the fanboys pile in to rage at this post, here’s why we did it: Summit is the most notorious bandit on this server.. He and his gang KOS everyone they come across. I would be fine with that. But what’s not ok is how they completely wreck each base they raid. You call us griefers? Please take a look at Summit’s past stream recordings and see for yourself what a nice guy Summit is. Just before we walled them in, him and his crew raided, destroyed and griefed a neighbouring base. It was time someone took action against them.

So to conclude: Yes, we did grief his base, no we did not abuse any glitches to do so, and yes, he had it coming.

There’s also a glitch that allows people to build wooden boxes on top of ramps.

Yep, you can see this at the 1:13:40 mark in summit’s recording of the last stream.

i hate summit and iam happy that someone did that to him. keep that up stalker :smiley:

He deserved that. To be honest,almost no one likes him in rust. He dont understand that Rust isnt WarZ and kills even people offering him stuff,jumping with flares,and then he says " i killed a dude he was full of stuff " So i am also happy that someone blocked him :smiley:

It’s a sandbox survival game. It’s normal to engage in PVP and grief bases. Why is everyone mad because Summit is good at this game? He’s doing nothing wrong.

Exactly, I don’t understand this either.
You have to KOS since there is no VOIP implemented yet.
You can play the game however you want to.

Pretty much, and if people don’t like it they can form groups. Then hunt these people down. People don’t seem to understand sandbox, they think all zombie games should be like left4dead, and dead island. When in reality sandbox is much more realistic, people in real life are going to shoot on sight, and people are going to spy, or even full on destroy a base from inside the group. People need to understand that just because they want to play friendly doesn’t mean everyone else wants to. They also need to stop blaming COD. It has nothing to do with COD, but with people true nature. I have been playing sandbox games for as long as I can remember. The only thing that really pisses me off is hackers, and glitches. Sure I might be mad at my self for derping out to long with a bunch of stuff, but I never blame games, or anything other than my self. If you die in a sandbox game, and it isn’t a hacker, or glitches it is your own fault. People need to stop blaming everything other than them self’s, and if they cannot then the game isn’t for them. There are plenty of other coop games out there already, and minecraft with just pve servers. There are plenty of games made for people who don’t like PVP, and less for PVP minded people. So people stop crying, and trying to ruin the few good sandboxes, because you don’t know how to play.

He is PVP player and he likes killing people in game just like me! But there is some noobs in game that don’t know to play they just use hacks and glitching!

I saw that guy that use glitch and ruining people house not just summit house!

If he likes pvp then he need to prepare for ravenge from raided players , lel.
Especially if his buildings resemble piece of shit and its hell easy to block them

So, how do you think the game should be played, since you marked my previous post as “Dumb”?
If you don’t KOS, you put yourself in a horrible situation, anyone could kill you.

Well he raids people for fun not for survival and this is main point why other people hate him lel

So you mean you’re not supposed to have fun in the game, or?
This is so hard…
You get to play the game, however you want, that’s what makes it fun for a lot of people.

Let’s say… Someone walks up to you, right in front of your face, armed with a hatchet.
So, do you just stare at him in this scenario, even though you have tons of loot?

In summit case it looks like somebody jumps with a flare next to him and he shoots with a shotgun thinkin he’s a boss lel

Yeah, because that’s how he wants to play the game.
And he is fully allowed to do that, craft his own experience, that’s a huge point for the game.
But nevermind, you’re not really answering the questions or anything, just “lel” haha :slight_smile:
But, that’s OK, let’s just stop this :slight_smile:

So people have right to destroy his base and hate them,lel.