Blocking kill command

I wanna block the kill command, i’ve tryed to work on something but i doesn’t work:

function AntiKill()
	if LocalPlayer():concommand.Run( "kill" ) then
	LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("If you have a problem do @ message here!")
	return false

hook.Add("Think", "Test", AntiKill)

Can anybody tell me what i did wrong?

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Can’t make it work, can you please post what i should do?

hook.Add("CanPlayerSuicide", "nosuicides_damnit",function(ply)
return false

You can use the actual function instead of using hooks

function GM:CanPlayerSuicide( ply )
ply:ChatPrint(“You can’t suicide, If you have a problem do @ message here!”)
return false


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hook.Add("Think", "Test", AntiKill)

Also why use think?


Just make a file called whatever.lua put it in lua/autorun/server and than add this to it:

hook.Add("CanPlayerSuicide", "RestrictPlayerSuicide", function(ply)
		ply:ChatPrint("You are unable to suicide.")
		return false

Yeah, let’s repeat my post again and again.


You cannot remove console commands, a lot of coders tried to do this with lua_openscript_cl but it failed. You can only use this to remove LUA concommands.

You could do this clientside by detouring functions like RunConsoleCommand and ConCommand

Holy crap just use a flipping hook as mention 9000 times in this thread. No need to detour or anything.

How does that work, could you send give a link or get an example please?

It won’t stop people from typing kill in their consoles.

It doesn’t disable people from doing it in console. I didn’t read your above code and assumed you just did not want it ran on you by a lua script.

Actually your code is wrong; the hook’s name is CanPlayerSuicide.

It took it from wizards post, so don’t blame me. It doesn’t even matter, because the answers is given, someone close the damn thread already…

But yeah, OP should mark it as solved. (hint hint)

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