Blocking Kill Icons

Can anyone please tell me how to stop the kill Icons and text appearing upon death?

Yeah I need this too, although I want to block them so i can create some new ones

There’s a console command for it

Something along the lines of

cl_draw deathnotice

or something like that.

try cl_drawhud or cl_draw or cl_hud or something. It’s there.

[lua]-- Prevent players being told who killed what.
usermessage.Hook(“NPCKilledNPC”, function() end);
usermessage.Hook(“PlayerKilledNPC”, function() end);
usermessage.Hook(“PlayerKilled”, function() end);
usermessage.Hook(“PlayerKilledSelf”, function() end);
usermessage.Hook(“PlayerKilledByPlayer”, function() end);[/lua]

… or that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou, that is perfect. :twisted: need it to make a game mode spooky, do not know if a team mate, is still team mate.

So, Trouble in Terrorist Town? :smug:

Parasite? O_O

Thankyou that worked perfectly