"Blocking this hospital!"



Posing is good, model is bad. and the silhouettes are odd, that just wouldn’t happen. That’s not how light works.

Were did you get the hazmat model.The phong is perfect too.

I think the model looks pretty cool… exept for the helmet.

Agree big time

Your precious fruit can’t save you from zombies, Pacman.

Looks like the old Doom guy you play as in the first 2 Doom games.

Too shiny.

Do want pl0x :frowning:

I don’t care about the phong or bad helmet.
** When I say I want… I want. **

In my opinion everything looks perfect, except for that abnormally large helmet. Posing is great. Lighting is decent.

Is that hazmat model from ArmA?
I swear I saw something identical on armaholic a few weeks back!

Did some one just get out of the water ? lol but good model I want it

Same, also the bump map looks incredibly like Arma’s one.
If you or a friend ported ArmA stuff, i promise i’ll kill you if you don’t port more.

I like it.

AA3 Hands, Vest, Backpack and Boots.

Doubt it’s ArmA.

Posing and lighting is good and the model is ok, the visor could just be better.
Looks like he’s preventing people from getting to the zombies and not the other way around.

You have a link to that Hazmat model?

Hot damn that’s sexy.

Zombies look strange though.

I like the maps on it, makes it have that plastic feel

God dangit,Hes tht Korean guy Who never releases his models.And to show them off and make us jealous.:Dawkins102: