Blockland Models and Spawnlist by Marcem from the BL forums

made by Marcem from the Blockland Forums

No pictures?

What, you are too lazy to click the link?

Also, I am not Marcem

This goes in releases, HELLO!

Are they meant to look alot like Lego?

Yep, Silver. Also, cool stuff you made Spie.

But legos have round body parts, they’re not actually very blocky.

Ah ok :slight_smile:

The block character guy there looks loosely like a Lego man but enough different that it looks different, but the props look very much like Lego :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t make this, I am not Marcem >:C Just posted it here for FP blocklanders

A few model edits and we could have Lego Minifig Ragdolls!

I still never got that Lego Minifig model ¬.¬ It was a good one aswell :frowning:

That was a shame it never got finished, but this model can easily be edited. It’d be awesome of we could rip modles from Lego Universe when it
s officially released.