BLocks can u use them ?

what is the porpuse of blocks ? i mean they re basicly useless they are too week and you cant put 2 with a roof/floor

any ideas of how to use them ?

Blocks can be used to fortify your outer wall since you can stack them, and then place walls around them as well.

They can also be used to add a half level that lines up with the halfway height of stairs.

You can put straight stairs on top of them to make a stair case to another floor.

You can use them to make raid towers.

They are used to make shelves to stack crates and furnaces.

And you CAN put two between a roof and floor. You just have to put the roof on after the two blocks.

no you cant, the second one acts as the next floor.

I’ll check again when I get home in case something has changed, but I have built many many many outer walls this way. I built my base differently this reset, but last reset and the reset before that, I built probably about 50 exterior walls with two blocks on a foundation with a floor on top.