Blood and Fear

*So far from home
So close to the enemy
The fate of a soldier

Defiant of death
We head into battle
Where fame and glory await us

I finally finished it, it started from a test picture for the custom skybox texture I’ve done, then, the music here in the OP started while I was playing, it gave me inspiration and now, you have this.
I’ve put a lot of love and effort into this and reached a next level in my editing skills, I’m really happy with how the pic turned out.
Any C&C is highly appreciated.

all that black looks terrible, especially the sky.

The black isn’t there for nothing, I wanted this pic to sweat despair and sadness, hence the black and high contrast.

it’s a terrible effect and doesn’t add one bit of drama, it only makes things harder to see. even painters who want dark and depressing or heavy scenes don’t cover their pieces in RGB 000.

also the small bunch of sparks near the fire looks weird. embers and small flying bits in general don’t bunch up like that, they spread.

Well, the lighting is pretty much symbolic there. Unfortunately it’s not as good with the guys behind…

But I love the concept and poses. And the music.

Though I feel you could add some fog to simulate the smoke. It would be a great addition to see the soldiers behind revealing themselves from the smoke of a burning city.

I can perfectly see everything and there’s more brown than black in the sky, it must be something coming from my monitor if it looks different for you.

i can make out most details but i’m still seeing a ton of crushed blacks, especially with the sky. did you darken it with in-game color correction?

Nope, that’s dranagan(or something like that) color correction made with GIMP, on the buildings and characters, and the sky has not been modified, it’s a real photo.

For me it’s really emotional. Yet because the music, then the history and then the picture. All that makes a sad atmosphere, at least for me.

Lighting reminds me somehow BiA:HH.

But gotta agree with Joazzz tho about the fire particles, they spread and with Trek about the fog, would be an awesome addition.

So, I must say, it’s pretty decent work.

Pretty decent work, It’s nice to see how much you’ve improved. Although the composition on this pose is a bit wonky, you should work on your rule of the thirds a bit more.

For the Fatherland!

Really nice!

And like herr Stauffenberg said: Es lebe das heilige Deutschland!